Tuesday, January 10, 2012

happy birthday

Today is Gia's first birthday!

I had big plans for today, but, as God does sometimes, those are on the back burner for while.  My dream was (and maybe still is) to have family enjoy a Korean meal with us so we can document this milestone, even though she isn't with us.  I also wanted to have her room ready this month as part of her birthday celebration.

Instead, we have new plans.

We recently got word that our best case scenario for her coming home is this summer, but that we should plan to travel January 2013.  Now, I know I made a big deal out of us praying to travel in April and I still plan to have that kind of faith!  If God wants her to come home this year, He'll make it happen.  But I have to say that I'm eerily at peace with waiting another year.  If you ask me about it tomorrow I might have a different answer, but God's been nice enough to grace me with peace for now.

Whenever I have to wait a long time for something to happen, I try to plan little events leading up to it.  For example, when Kevin used to travel for weeks upon weeks at a time, I would plan small home projects to pass the time.  As a kid, I would make construction paper chains to tear each day leading to Christmas.  I'm telling you, I have to engage my brain in something or I'll go nuts!  This is no different.  Gia potentially not being home this year is a bummer, but I'm already thinking of things to do each month to make the time pass.  I haven't gotten far in my planning, and Kevin isn't 100% aware of this little adventure of mine, but I think it will be very fun, not to mention productive.

For this month I'd say our goal is to get the 5K underway.  Next month we may decide to get her closet cleaned out and painted.  We'll just take it one month at a time.

Another thing I thought about was our house selling.  With a new baby, it will be near impossible to prepare a house to sell, so I'm thinking we take the next few months and get serious about any home improvement projects that need to happen prior to her arrival.

And let's not forget the fundraising.  Oh, the fundraising.  Seriously, might be the death of me.

So, Happy Birthday, Gia! A friend posted on FB today that Gia will never have to celebrate a birthday as an orphan, even if she doesn't know us as parents yet.  I just love that.  Gia never had a birthday where she wasn't loved and wanted and prayed for.

Kevin's tweet today summed up our thoughts for this sweet baby.  We pray her life makes much of Jesus.  Her story of being an orphan rescued is a good place to start, since that's what we all are as believers.

Sending Hugs


  1. Happy birthday to Gia! I am so thankful that even from before her first birthday, she has been loved and pursued by her precious Mommy and Daddy! That is a very good place to start, indeed.


    Malerie - I'm so glad you saw that comment on Kevin's facebook. You know, she never celebrated a Christmas as an orphan either! That is pretty incredible (though I know it doesn't make you miss her less!) Can't wait to see her home in your arms. Keep me updated on how to pray. Love you friend!

  3. Happy Birthday beautiful girl!!! God's speed!! xoxo Brooke

  4. Happy birthday Gia!
    So we were matched at the same time and Henry's birthday is Thursday. :) (And my name is Mallory, lol - weird coincidences) Who told you about January 2013? Just curious because our timelines should be similar.

  5. Happy Birthday sweet Gia!!!!