Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I loved puzzles growing up.

So this post won't read brilliantly like the others, since this is the male side of the family talking. But I'm just stopping by to thank each of you for your commitment to be a part of our adoption story. We're comforted by the reality that we know we could have NEVER walked this path on our own, and watching the Kingdom of God do only what it can do has been humbling and encouraging. Let me just say that it'll be exciting to one day explain to little Gia how people from all over the WORLD (literally) helped us get her home. For that, the Huguleys say thanks. A ton. Now please consider helping us in our last stretch of fundraising by giving $10 for every puzzle piece you wish to have your name on the back of. That will be a neat day, when we take this puzzle from its frame, flip it over, and show Gia how many of you joined us in this journey. I think 4 pieces fit names really well. :)

And I also want to say thanks to many of you for your comments here. They have been doses of encouragement, and I know that both of us have enjoyed reading them. Lastly, I know why many of you have continued walking with us through this... and that's because Malerie is a GREAT writer! Love seeing her gifts shine for the glory of God.

***Look to the write of the page for the DONATE button to buy a puzzle piece(s).***


Sending Hugs

Thursday, August 16, 2012

short and sweet

1.  Today I've been overly anxious to meet Gia.  Not sure why, but I'm ok with it!

2.  While doing some house chores today, God gave me a really huge peace about this last bit of the journey.  Again, not sure what "bit" we're talking about here, but I feel very chill about all this crazy preparation stuff coming our way in the next weeks.

3.  I love my husband.  As we were cleaning the other day I found the latest RoF record and I started re-reading the thank you lines.  Kevin is a brilliant songwriter, and his thank you's don't disappoint.  Ever.  The We Once Were record was extra special because he thanked Gia.  I wish I could take a picture of it to show you, but the size and font are crazy.  Instead, I'll try to rewrite it from memory...

I also want to thank our Korean daughter who God is sending us.  I cannot wait to meet you and be the best Daddy I can.

Melt my heart.  I'll have to find the album cover soon to make sure I'm quoting him correctly.

Sending Hugs

Friday, August 10, 2012

story time

I have two funny Gia stories to share today, both are fictional though.

Story #1--I'm sharing without permission from Grace so I hope she doesn't care!!

I got a text from Grace yesterday.  Here's what it said:

Last night I dreamt that we took E (her daughter) and Gia to Abby Lee (dance company...Do you watch TLC??) and she made them do Asian style dance.  You said, "Uh, no, FALSE. Gia and E are AMERICAN CITIZENS!"
You also yelled, "Discrimination!" and we stomped out with the girls.  

Hilarious!  If I ever did go to Abby Lee's studio that probably would really happen.  That woman is nuts!  But I do like the idea of Gia being a little dancer.  And maybe a Toddler & Tiara.  :)

Story #2--from my dream last night

Gia was freshly home and was 17.  She and I were riding in the backseat of the car (hopefully Kevin was driving) talking about the whole process of her getting here.  She spoke fluent southern English and laughed a lot.  We talked about things I had done to get her home and what she had done over in Korea to leave, ha ha!  I wish I could remember some of the funny comments, but we did A LOT of laughing in the dream.

Hopefully, these are not prophetic dreams.  Oh Lord...

Sending Hugs

Thursday, August 9, 2012


Everytime I turn around there is one more person offering to help fundraise for our adoption!  It's humbling, to say the least.  Today I got one such phone call.  Here are the details...

If you like to send cards (for any occasion) we have a DEAL for you that will also help Gia come home.  30 cards for $30.  That's $1 per card!  Seriously, you cannot get better than that.  And these cards are CUTE!  You'll probably want like 17 boxes, just sayin'.  :)

The cards are from the Usborne company.  If you want to read more about Cards for a Cause, click here.

Here's the link to the FB page for the fundraiser.  https://www.facebook.com/events/367919963278242/ 

If you need to message me for more details, please do.
Oh, and PLEASE pass the word; we are so close to getting this girl home!

Special thanks to Jeni Parrish for offering this amazing deal!

Sending Hugs

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


What do we want?  VP!  What's that?  Visa Physical!

That's how a former cheerleader tells you that her daughter has a visa physical scheduled for August 30.

We got the email today that Gia's visa physical will, in fact, take place on Aug 30.  I have weird mixed emotions about it because while it's another HUGE step for us, it's still three weeks away.  You know when you're running and you know you only have another 45 seconds left but somehow it feels like you run for 45 more minutes?  That's how this feels to me.  It's almost like I'd rather not know how close we are because it makes it that much further away.  

Kidding, I do want to know!  I take it back!  

I love updating people as we get these last bits of news because the reaction is always the same.... "Great, so what does that mean?" 

So here's what it means:
Gia's EP was approved already (big step) and the only thing separating us from the travel call (TC) was the visa physical and visa interview.  Well now that the VP is scheduled, we are just one tiny little step away!  I'm pretty sure the VI can take place before the VP, so that may be done even this week.  Regardless, we are CLOSE.  So close that part of the email from today said to start packing her suitcase and getting our hotel arrangements figured out....AGHH!!  It's so overwhelming, in a good way.  

Another part of the email said to get all our fees taken care of before we can travel.  I know it probably doesn't seem like it, but I really haven't been incredibly stressed out about the money because I just knew God would provide where needed.  And He has!  But now, if I'm being honest, I'm slightly starting to feel it.  I think it's because I know there's a deadline now: 3 weeks.  Oh my...

We still have puzzle pieces and t-shirts, if you are interested in helping that way, but more than that we want your prayers as we start planning this trip.  
  • safety
  • travel arrangements (flights and hotels are not included in our fee for Holt)
  • Gia's transition and ours
  • our jobs (mine particularly) as we take time off
  • Gia's foster family as they are losing a child they've known for almost 2 years 
  • for us to have opportunities to share Jesus with people as we travel

Sending Hugs