Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I loved puzzles growing up.

So this post won't read brilliantly like the others, since this is the male side of the family talking. But I'm just stopping by to thank each of you for your commitment to be a part of our adoption story. We're comforted by the reality that we know we could have NEVER walked this path on our own, and watching the Kingdom of God do only what it can do has been humbling and encouraging. Let me just say that it'll be exciting to one day explain to little Gia how people from all over the WORLD (literally) helped us get her home. For that, the Huguleys say thanks. A ton. Now please consider helping us in our last stretch of fundraising by giving $10 for every puzzle piece you wish to have your name on the back of. That will be a neat day, when we take this puzzle from its frame, flip it over, and show Gia how many of you joined us in this journey. I think 4 pieces fit names really well. :)

And I also want to say thanks to many of you for your comments here. They have been doses of encouragement, and I know that both of us have enjoyed reading them. Lastly, I know why many of you have continued walking with us through this... and that's because Malerie is a GREAT writer! Love seeing her gifts shine for the glory of God.

***Look to the write of the page for the DONATE button to buy a puzzle piece(s).***


Sending Hugs

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  1. Hey Kevin and Malerie. I hope you are doing well as you anxiously await the arrival of your little miracle. I told Malerie around Christmas last year that I'd be praying for your family and Gia's adoption/transition while I was deployed. Well, that deployment was postponed until July. I've been in Afghanistan for about six weeks now, and indeed the Lord has placed you on my heart. I pray for peace and comfort for you all during this period of waiting on the Lord to provide. I lift up Gia's health and pray for a swift and expedient conclusion to the adoption approval process from here on out. I lift up prayers for financial provisions that in Jesus' Name, He will provide exceedingly, abundantly more than you can ask or imagine. This means to me that from here on out enough money will be raised/donated that you will not have to pay any more out of pocket expenses to bring Gia home. Adoption is such a beautiful and biblical expression of love. God chose us to be a part of His family and to be joint heirs with Christ. Likewise, you have chosen Gia to be your daughter and share in the inheritance. There is something so special in growing up knowing that she was wanted so much, that you spent a year fund raising, praying and working to literally go across the world so far to bring her home. That is love that is so great that my words fail to express the joy that will fill her heart. Thank you for the updates and letting us share in your journey for Gia. Even though this will be my first Christmas away from home, I am so excited because this will be Gia's first Christmas at home. I am encouraged, along with everyone else walking this journey with you, that we will all have a greater appreciation for our loved ones seeing how far you went to find your daughter. God bless you, and Cherish Every Moment in this journey because God is using this time to prepare you for His glorious plans to prosper your family. This Labor Day take a moment to reflect on all you've gone through over the past 10 months and see how God has blessed you through it all. The best part is that this is just the beginning. God rewards those who wait patiently for Him. Love in Christ.- Robert "BJ" nave