Sunday, September 18, 2011

join the korean cuties club

I was going to be cute and title this blog "korea kuties klub" until I realized its initials...
I decided to go conventional on y'all instead. :)

A few days ago I read that my friend Sonia and her family would be on their way to pick up their Korean daughter Daria. They left Friday and will be getting Daria Monday night. Wow!! Their wait has been almost a year, and while I'm sure it's been difficult and heart-breaking, the next few days will make it all worth it. Please follow their journey and pray for them with us.

We can't wait to keep expanding our little B'ham Korean Cutie Club. :)

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  1. Count us in! We hope to travel to South Korea to pick up our little Korean cutie early next year. Woohoo. I love to hear of people actually traveling and bringing their children home. Makes me think this may actually happen and is not just something I am dreaming about ;)Here is my pitiful-looking little blog: http://amandamurry.blogspot.com/