Thursday, October 13, 2011

new friends and new referrals

First of all, I cannot figure out why my own blog won't let me comment on it anymore, so I want to take a moment to say THANKS to the nize07 for your very sweet comment. I got it in my email this morning as I arrived at school and it blessed my day! It was precious to read, and I will absolutely send a shirt to Australia!!! That's so cool. Just tell me how to get it there, ha!
Also, a big THANKS to the Gronewold family and Eunice (The Korean). It was fun to hear from you guys and I'm happy you found the blog! I'd love to keep in touch and hear more about your stories.

Now on to some very exciting news...

Over the past 10 days we have received three or four Korean referrals. This is such a refreshing blessing because I've been a little bummed about just doing the business side of the adoption and missing out on the babies' faces! Our patience has been answered with two precious girls that we want to pursue. Each referral is $350 to have reviewed by the clinic we are using, and we knew we couldn't send both files over because that would be $700 that we didn't have. So, we prayed about it and felt a draw to one specific girl, and we sent her file over yesterday.

Let me tell you how cool God is right now. Not only did we not have $700, but truly we weren't sure where the $350 would come from. I remembered we had had a lot of tshirt orders lately, so I checked my PayPal where I found $200. Yay! Transfer to bank, done. Plus we had $80 from RoF's release show last week where a few people bought shirts. Another yay! So $280 is definitely better than none. We pulled the remaining $70 from our own little checking account and sent the baby's file over.

The doctor called today to give us a run down of her current and potential medical needs. We liked what she said, and we felt comfortable with her explanations.

Much like before, we now enter a waiting game. There are two other families that are looking at her file, I know. I'm not sure if they will decide to move forward with her, but we have put in our "yes." So now we wait. If we are the only "yes" family, then she will be ours! We are both hesitant to even discuss how this will turn out because we know all too well that it could be in another family's favor. We are praying for this girl to find the family God has for her, whether it's us or not. Please join us in that prayer. We'd love love love to parent her, but we know that God's ways are higher than our own and we want to be obedient to His will for our lives (and that baby's) instead of our own selfish will.

Updates to follow soon, I hope!!

Sending Hugs


  1. Glad to hear that things are going well!! We are certainly in prayer for your family! -derk

  2. Oh how this is an exciting update to wake up to!!! Praying for God's will and protection over your hearts no matter what the outcome. Much love Mal!

  3. Hey! I loved reading your post...those Altar board meetings of ours don't really allow for much story telling, so we've got to get better at having a little more share time (and prayer!). Thankful to have the blessing of getting to know you better in the months ahead, and to watch God write the lyrics to your SONG!
    Grace and Peace:)

  4. Love! Cannot wait to see who the Lord has chosen to be the next Huguley baby! SO EXCITING! Praying for you today and we love you both A LOT!

  5. I have a feeling we are going for the same sweet little girl. Can I just tell you that I HATE this part. I dont like the feeling of competing against anyone. One of the ladies dropped out because she just brought home a little girl in January and she knows a good friend of mine. UGH...if it is indeed you this will be so tough. We have both had the heartache of being told no before. Just know that I am praying for your family and I know the Lord will do what is best for this sweet girl. (((HUGS and prayers)))

  6. Please feel free to email me anytime. I just realized, we may be viewing both of the same files! My email is travstac5@msn.com.

  7. We were the 3rd family with the file. We had decided if any family said yes, we would decline. We already brought 1 home from Korea in January of this year and we're back in line and waiting for our next little one. I'm looking forward to following your journey to your child. Adoption Rocks!

  8. I'm SO excited!!! If there is any way we can specifically support you this week (other than prayers) then just call me! LOVE YOU SO MUCH!