Thursday, October 20, 2011

tricks and treats

Disclaimer: My head is full tonight, so I might ramble. I promise I'll try to make it make sense.

I'll start with the treats...

Today Kevin and I got a very fun phone call. As I sat at lunch with my teacher friends in a loud, adolescent filled cafeteria my phone rang. We had all been glued to it, waiting for the news. Side note here: I love love love working at my school. There is just so much support. So when it finally rang at 12:42 pm I practically ran into the hallway. J from Holt greeted me and I asked if I could call Kevin to 3-way him in. Once he was on the phone, she said something like, "I'm glad you're both on the phone for this because I have some great news. You've been selected!" We both thanked her profusely. Why did we thank her? She didn't do anything. Maybe it was our natural southern instinct to just express our appreciation. Regardless, she was thrown at least six thank yous between the two of us. And that was it. The whole call lasted about 3 minutes.
Everyone has the same two questions now: When will we get her? What are the next steps?
I know you're shocked to hear this answer, but we don't know. We have read the wait time is anywhere between 3-9 months. My guess is we'll be on the latter end of that. Kevin and I have agreed to pray for travel in April. As far as what's next, I am waiting on an email that tells me those steps. All I know is that Korea will be informed of the match and we'll go from there.
When I walked back into the lunchroom after taking the phone call, the ENTIRE cafeteria was cheering and clapping, teachers and students. I'm not sure the students knew why they were cheering, but they were completely sold out for it!
In fact, one kid told me later, "So I thought something big happened."
To which I responded, "Well, that was kinda big for me."
And he said, "No, I mean, like, to America."


Lots of hugs, tears, and high-fives (I don't hug my male students) were exchanged and it was a grand 2 minute celebration. Ahhhh....

I had TONS, absolutely tons of texts and emails coming in immediately, and they were all precious and warmed my soul. The one that really made the news real was from my friend Liz. Her email was only two sentences.
Just saw this on the photo listing site. We are so blessed to know her family.
With this picture attached.

Oh. My. Word. I was speechless.

So here's the colorful picture because I know you'd rather see that. :)

My students also left me these little messages on my board after lunch.

And now for the tricks...

Upon hearing my news, my students went into full Q&A mode. This can be dangerous when you teach unfiltered teenagers. These are some of the lovely conversations I was involved in today.

Student: Why are you adopting? Can't you just make one?
Me: Well, God told us to adopt so we did.
Student: Whatever.

Student #1: What are you gonna name her?
Me: Probably Gia.
Student #2: What? What kind of name is Gia?
Me: Seriously? You don't think that was kind of rude the way you asked that?
Student #2: I just think it's a stupid name.

Student: When she comes home, she'll just speak Korean for the rest of her life, huh?
Me: Yep, they come pre-programmed like that.

Student: Are you adopting from Korea so she can do your nails?
Me: I had no comment for this one. And it was wise that I held my tongue. I'm sure my face said it all.

Despite those pearls of wisdom, today was really great.

Sending Hugs


  1. That's a CUTE picture BUT... I can't wait to get my camera on that girl!! I have dibs you know... JUST SAYIN' ... SO EXCITED for Y'all!! This is gonna be a fun ride!

  2. Goosebumps. Lots of them. I will never forget seeing the "I have a family" on Hannah's pic. And today another precious baby girl got a family and 3 peoples' lives are forever changed. And your daughter (how crazy does that feel) is gorgeous!

  3. PRECIOUSNESS!!! (okay, this is my 3rd comment on this subject, but I don't CARE! I'm SO EXCITED!!! :)

    Thrilled you had people there to celebrate with you. THRILLED that this precious little girl will grow up with two loving parents like you and Kevin to guide her, cherish her, discipline her, protect her, LOVE HER!

    As for a couple of those students - it's a good thing I wasn't there. They would've been smacked! (this is why I'm not a teacher!) I think Gia is a beautiful name.

    LOVE YOU!!!

  4. Oh mal, you'll have the best nails in town (JUST KIDDING!) OH my word to kids have an imagination and no filter, but hilarious all the same. Rejoicing with you and your family tonight. Man what a treat indeed! <3 God is so good!

  5. Malerie!! Congratulations to you and Kevin. This is amazing. You are now PARENTS! :) God is good to His faithful children. I'm glad you were blessed by my previous comment. A week after I read your blog I felt God prompting me to write something, so I did! I guess it hit home for me because I have always known that I want to adopt, and with my current condition, I may not be able to have kids of my own.

    Anyway... I can only keep praying for you to bring his little girl home sooner rather than later. Not only have you offered her a loving home, most importantly you are offering her an opportunity to know her Creator! That's the biggest & best gift you can give to her :)

    Praying for God to continue to reveal His will for you through this process. God bless!

    Melbourne, Australia :)

  6. Congratulations on your new daughter! She is PRECIOUS!
    Email me at sloan_fam_4@yahoo.com
    We brought our daughter home from Korea in Jan. of this year and we're back in line for another cutie from Korea with Holt! I have some insight to timelines that I think might be helpful for you!

  7. Congratulations, I really am so happy for you two. After the call my daughter said, "mommy, I am not sad because I really wanted the little girl to go to them because they don't have any children yet." Of course, her sweet heart just made me cry more!
    Not to rain on your parade but I highly recommend you get on the Holt Forums. There is a lot of information about timelines for travel and such. Just to give you an idea of the wait, when we were thinking about being matched this month we knew we would be lucky to travel by the end of next summer but winter was more likely. I just dont want to see you get your hopes up and then be crushed. It will be a long wait but so worth it to have her in your arms!! :) Oh, and definitely email Paula if you get the chance. She is full of information and a wonderful blessing!

  8. Congrats from another Holt family matched recently with a baby girl! Very excited for you and your family!!!

    Um...I'm not sure what to say about your students' comments but hopefully some diversity training and multicultural appreciation will work its way into them. =) I'm glad that those "tricks" didn't dampen your celebrations. =)