Friday, October 12, 2012

airport welcome

There are no words to express the joy we have tonight.  Thank you all!

If you were able to come to the airport, we thank you for sharing that moment with us.  Even if we did look like a hot mess!  If you weren't able, please know that we had you in our hearts as we left the plane to join the celebration.

We are humbled at the amount of love our family has been shown for the past year or so.  Thank you just simply isn't enough.

Here's a glimpse of the airport reception for those that couldn't be there.  We may just have to crop you in. ;)

Special thanks to Heather and Rusty for documenting this for us!

And yes, we are now...


  1. Praise the Lord! It is SO good to see her in your arms at last!

  2. Praise the Lord!! I have been following your journey since the beginning. Its such a blessing to see Gia in your arms. May God bless your family!

  3. I cried sitting here last night watching the pictures come up on my FB feed. So happy for you guys!