Thursday, October 18, 2012

grand finale:: one week home

This blog was started for the "seoul" purpose (ha, see what I did there?) of documenting our journey to Gia for several reasons.  
  • We wanted to have a place to keep family and friends updated throughout this nearly 2 year adventure.  We both have family and friends scattered all over the US (or world, in some cases!) and a blog just seemed to be the best fit for updates.  
  • This also gave us a place to offer and receive encouragement.  If you haven't adopted and/or don't know anyone close to you that has, you need to know that it's a crazy emotional time.  If we had not had support from our friends and family, I'm really not sure we would have made it to this end sane.  On the opposite end of that spectrum, it was important to me to give back some of what was given to me, meaning I wanted God to use our story to light another path for another family that needed support.  I'm so happy to know that happened with at least two families!  Maybe there are more, but Gia's story is beginning to hold the hand of other friends of ours walking down Adoption Lane.  
  • Finally, I want Gia to know her story.  I need her to know how God orchestrated every single tear and smile in these two years.  This blog was the best way I knew to record everything so that one day she could read it and know how loved she was before we ever met.  By the way, she was two months old when this blog was started.  I just love knowing that she started her little life around the same time we started looking for her.  :)

With that said, please understand that I may or may not add more to this.  Call me old school, but there is something slightly weird about posting all kinds of things about your kids and family online.  Since the purpose of the blog has been fulfilled, I don't feel obligated to keep it updated much longer.  Sorry.  

I'm happy to email with any of you that have my contact info!

Before we sign off...one more post...

Today marks one week of us being a family of three.  As I sit here trying to think of how to recap this week, only one word comes to mind: full.  

We feel blessed.  Gia has had SUCH an amazing (and easy) transition period so far.  I'm not pretending that we're out of the woods just yet, but the part we were dreading the most is behind us. She is a happy and seemingly healthy little one.  Her first doctor's appointment will be next week, hopefully.  We'll know more medical info at that time.  She is a good little eater too, as we have introduced her basically every southern food I can think of, including black eyed peas.  No cokes, though.  She loves the pups, especially our little 9 lb Maggie.  Gia and Maggie have adopted each other as best buds. Precious.  She is sleeping in her own bed in her own room---YAY!  Huge step for her!  She likes slides, but not swings...yet.  And pistachios are her favorite snack.  I leave you with a couple pictures from our first week together.  

Thank you all so much for being a support system to us!  We can never ever repay you for helping us get our daughter home!  

Hugs have been sent.  Hugs have come home.  And hugs were given tonight at bedtime.


  1. I always love a FairyTale with a happy ending! We have loved walking this journey with you (and will continue to be here for you guys (and Gia) as your precious little girl grows up!) I know this blog has been a blessing for many people out there, including us. And now, we get to see Gia here, in the flesh, a promise of God FULFILLED! Thanks for letting us all be a part of your miracle. Love you guys!

  2. This post makes me excited and sad all the same. I've loved being able to keep up with your journey to Gia. <3 I hope you'll pop in every now and again and update just for old times sake :) However, I know how to find you if you don't :)

    haha love you girlie, and your beautiful family.

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!!!
    Praise the Lord!

  4. I love that last picture the best! What a perfect little family. What else is there to say except, glory to God!

  5. I just emailed Kevin the video - you HAVE to share that on the blog:)

  6. So it's been just over a year since I first read your blogs and I am truly amazed by what God has done in your life, and what you've accomplished through Him! I must admit, it will be weird not getting your blog updates anymore but that's what Facebook is for, right? ;) God knew your future & provided the way to your precious little Gia - and the best thing is that you're giving Him the glory! Thank-you for allowing us to go on this journey with you, the roller coaster of emotions & the lessons you learnt, all encouraged & inspired me to go bigger for God. Bless your lovely family & I hope to get to meet you all in the near future.

    Love from Australia,

  7. Im SO HAPPY for you guys!!!! What a beautiful DREAM come true!!! Thanks be to GOD :)