Tuesday, May 31, 2011

christmas in...may?

It sure felt like Christmas at the Huguley home this month! Our house literally had every corner filled with donation goodies, not to mention all the people that volunteered their time to help price and organize. Let me take this moment to send a BIG thank you to...
Terry and Peggy
my mommy and daddy
the Howell crew
the Akins bunch
sweet Collin and his wonderful mommy Amelia
the lovely Miss Gail
the precious Liz and handsome Jason
the cutest couple ever Taylor and Kelsie
the Bice crew
and the beautiful Brooke

I know we are forgetting someone, but please know we appreciate everyone's help. You all are more amazing than I can say in words. And let me say, too, that Christ City Church really showed up and showed out. Thank you for your kindness...you know who you are. :)

The yard sale was a HUGE success! We came out with $2300 which is almost to the dollar of what we needed. Praise God!
We woke up at 5:00am Saturday and started organizing the yard. I am still, yes still, learning to use this fancy camera (we've had it about 9 months now....) so unfortunately some of the pics I attempted didn't come out, but here are the ones that did. Enjoy!

More Christmas!!
My mother must love you guys because she is donating some really great items to this auction. The first is a set of Thomas Kinkade ornaments. They are breathtaking. Everything he paints is, but with it being Christmas oriented it makes it even more pretty. Take a little look-so for yourself.

And, Merry Christmas, here is the other amazing item my sweet mumsy is donating. This piece is super special. My parents have a little country house (waaaaay out in the country) that they venture off to every weekend now that they are childless. It's so peaceful and perfect out there. Anyway, my mom is a photographer at heart and she has taken a million pictures of their land. She picked a few of those pictures to take to a local artist who paints from snapshots. This is one of the paintings he's done for her.

So, Merry Christmas everyone. Start the bidding! :)

I'll leave you with some pictures of items still up for the taking.

Sending Hugs


  1. YAY! What an AWESOME total! Makes me want to do a yard sale to raise money for The Sound of Hope! And I love that Belle has her own shirt... she is too precious! ;)

    Can't wait to meet your little one when she is home in your arms! Wish I could be closer to help with this sort of thing!

  2. Ericka you totally should do a Sound of Hope yard sale! It would be great! On a side note, I've been praying and looking out for a house for y'all. Our neighbors just moved out of their rental but I'm thinking it's too high. Still searching for something!

  3. The yard sale looks awsome!!

  4. that is awesome!! I've been wondering how it went, so glad to see the sale was a success!

  5. Thank you Malerie!!! It means so much that you have an eye out for us! Maybe it won't rent and the owners will get desperate and decide to rent it to us for cheap? ;) A girl can dream! Being your neighbor would be so much fun... then I could babysit when your sweet little girl comes home! :)

  6. I would love to bid $10 on the fun, chunky metal ring! It's absolutely adorable! :-)

  7. It's yours Rebecca! How would you like it delivered??

  8. And which Rebecca is this? HA! :)

  9. Rebecca Syverson. I actually interning at PattonHouseEntertinament, and I work with Tiffany! :-) You can send it to my place. 401 Bowling Ave #2 Nashville TN 37205. Thank you! Am I able to send you cash in the mail??

  10. Absolutely! Tiff should have our address. If not, let me know and I'll send you a private message.