Thursday, December 1, 2011

care package #1

My apologies for no pictures....yet.  You see, my camera hooker-upper cord (probably known as a USB cable to you) is MIA.  I have searched high and low and sideways.  I think I have an idea of where it's hiding, but I can't access that spot for another few days.  Regardless, I didn't want that to stop me from sharing with you all.

We bought Gia's gifts the day after we were matched, Oct 21.  So we've had these items for over a month. How in the world I've kept them here without sending them sooner is beyond me!  Clearly, I've been busy, to say the least.  Busy. You have no idea.  I finally found a spare minute to search through my emails and retrieve her mailing address.  Well, it isn't her address, but the Holt office in Korea.  Off the package went on Tuesday, yay!

We sent her...
1.  a voice recordable Frosty the Snowman book with us reading it
2.  a onesie that had a cute little "peas in a pod" graphic
3.  a pink super soft sleeper outfit that said "daddy's girl"
4.  a black matching pants and top outfit with neon flowers.  Kevin calls this her "going out" outfit.  Cracks me up!
5.  a photobook with lots of pics of me, Kevin, and Belle
6.  pink teddy bear
7.  and my favorite....a DVD of us sending our love, playing with Belle, and a picture slideshow with Rush of Fools' "No Other Love" playing in the background

My prayer is that the book with our voices plus the DVD will get her acquainted with how we look and sound so that we aren't complete strangers when we meet for the first time.

It was so fun getting it all together.  I wish I had access to her likes and dislikes so we could send her more personal stuff, but for now we will send things that let her get to know us.  I read on another blog that a family sent those puff snacks for toddlers.  What a good idea for introducing more American-type foods.  Or do they have those in Korea too?  Oh me, I'm too naive.

I promise to post pictures once I can get them.  Until then...

Sending Hugs


  1. LOVE it Malerie- SO smart! She is going to love that sweet little teddy bear! My oh my I can't WAIT till we are matched and I can send some hugs too! xoxo Brooke PS- I created a FB group I'm going to attempt to invite you too-technology is often a little over my hear. ;)

  2. HI! My name is Glory and I had met Kevin and he told me about the beautiful daughter u guys are adopting. :) Me and a couple friends prayed for u and the band and we were wondering if we could send u a note, if u could email me at ha_young.chang@bethelcollege.edu, i'd love to send the encouragement! :) blessings to you three :)

  3. Was just having coffee with a friend in Thailand tonight and telling her how GORGEOUS your family pic is - had to pull up the blog to show off your sweet Gia! We'll be back in Korea in 8 days - PRAYING everything works out for us to get you some Korean goodies during our layover! :)