Monday, December 12, 2011

well baby checkup

Tonight we received the December well baby checkup (WBC) for Gia.  She's doing so well!  When we first "met" her, she was at a 6 month developmental level even though she was 9 months old.  That isn't so terrible, but it's still a delay that we knew we'd  probably have to deal with once she was home.  I'm happy to say that she's now at a 10 month level and she's 11 months old.  Saturday was her "birthday" and we anxiously awaited info on her WBC.  I've learned that we get these reports about the same time each month, and they typically come after her "birthday."  Unfortunately, we still haven't gotten an updated picture, so this Momma is holding strong to this sweet face...
I just can't get enough of those perfect lips!  And those ears are screaming to be pinched.  Come on home, girl!

Ok, so in the last post I mentioned that we sent her a video in her care package.  I debated on sharing it or not, but I think I'd like to.  Enjoy.

Now that I have access to my camera cord, I can share more pictures from the care package we sent.

This is the outfit Kevin calls her "going out" outfit.  So funny!

I love this precious little onesie.  Kevin named this one her "relaxing around the house" outfit.  

Here's the whole kit and kaboodle.  Hope she gets it soon!

Sending Hugs


  1. I LOVE it and especially love how you got to send a video! How cool!!!

    Praying for you daily!

    Lauren @ www.howthebushgrows.com

  2. Mal, what a sweet video for your sweet girl. I love it. Oh how amazing it will be to see her in your arms. Praying for you guys as always. LOVE YOU!!!

  3. I love it! You guys are too cute...can't wait to see the 3 of you all together!

  4. Hope you guys get an update picture soon and SO glad that sweet girl is catching up in development! Yay for updates! :)

  5. That is SO exciting!! I can't wait to be matched and be able to send our little Ruby some LOVE!! Have you heard anything about travel yet? I talked to LL and she told us to expect a referral by May, but that travel would be 8-12 months after. :/ I'm praying for sooner, but also trusting in God's timing. I can't WAIT to watch ya'll bring home sweet Gia! She's absolutely ADORABLE!!! xoxo Brooke