Saturday, December 31, 2011

registry and timeline update

Greetings everyone!  
We are just a few hours away from 2012, hallelujah!  Back in 2010 I secretly declared that to be the year of a baby.  Obviously that didn't happen, but I have a good feeling for 2012.  Gia will prayerfully be coming home in the next few months!  How do I know?  Well, just look at the fortune cookie message I got last night.

See?  You can't ignore the power of the fortune cookie.

In order for me to get a good feel of our timeline, I emailed our agency to see what paperwork we were waiting on.  I learned...
1. our daughter's legals will be the next step
2. I600
3. I600 approval
4. wait for Korea to finalize her paperwork in Korea so she can travel

Sounds simple, huh?  Here's hoping.  

With her potentially coming home soon, we are anxious to get her room ready.  Call it nesting, if you will.  Some dear friends of ours are hosting an Ikea shower for us next month, so our first step in this nesting stage was to make a little registry of our Ikea likes.  We found the most precious bed that we cannot wait to get set up!  We did buy one thing while we were there.

Kevin found this sweet purpley-pink rug on sale.  We had to get it for fear it would be gone by next month!  Plus, our shower is in Atlanta and we were at the Ohio Ikea, so we didn't even know if ATL would have it.  
Side note:  We were in Ohio visiting our new little niece, Florence.  PRECIOUS!  Out of respect for my sister and BIL, I won't post her pic unless they give me permission.  Trust me though, Italian beauty. :)

With all this shower talk, my sister encouraged me to finish our scrawny little registry that we started a few weeks ago.  I literally think we had 10 things on the registry, ha!  So, Kevin and I spent about 3 hours yesterday beefing it up.  It was....fun.  Actually, it was overwhelming and stressful, but fun sounds better.  Regardless, the registry is finished.  I have no plans to add to it, though we may need to edit it a little in the next couple weeks.  

This is me picking out about 183 Baby Einstein books, DVDs, and CDs.  I know she won't be a baby when we get her but she will be Korean.  Thus, she will need to learn English starting with the basics.  This was my favorite part of the registry adventure.  Kevin caught me in a very pensive moment, which explains why I'm lipless.

We found diaper bags.  That was fun.  And expensive.

And then Kevin found a Beatles stroller and the world almost came to an end.  Our daughter will not be getting this, but I did think it was cute to take a picture with him enjoying the moment.

I hope everyone has an enjoyable New Year's Eve tonight.  Be safe and have fun!  

Sending Hugs

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