Friday, July 8, 2011

it's erin, from the waiting child program...

Last week I received an email saying that committee was tentatively scheduled for July 14 and we should be expecting a call to schedule our phone interview. Needless to say, my phone has been glued to me all week.

Today was our last day in North Carolina so I was hanging out at a Farmer's Market, waiting on the band's van to be fixed, and my phone rang. This was a surprise for two reasons.
1. Today is Friday. For some reason I assumed that since we had not heard anything up to this point, we would have to wait until Monday before getting a phone call.
2. Yesterday I got a call from an Oregon area code (same as our placing agency) but when I answered it, it was some recording about my last chance to buy insurance.

So my phone rang, and I answer it fully expecting to launch into my "please remove me from your list" speech until I heard, "Hi Malerie, it's Erin from the waiting child program."


We are scheduled for a phone interview Tuesday at 1:30. Thursday is committee and we should know that day if we are the chosen parents. We obviously would love your prayers.

I sat down two days ago and wrote a lengthy blog about fear. It was a great soul bearing moment, but I just couldn't bring myself to post it. Not because I'm trying to hide anything, I just didn't get around to finishing it to share. I tell you this to let you know that we (at least I) need prayer in the area of believing that God will provide for this child. We have a long way to go with fundraising, and we are definitely trying to use all ideas and talents to meet the goal. God called us here, and he will provide. It's just much easier to say that than to believe it most days. Maybe I'll get around to finishing that blog and share it with you later. Until then, please pray with us for needs to be met.

I want to leave you with something fun. While in NC, Kevin took me to Black Mountain where there are super cute shops.

The first store we went into was a kids store and I found the cutest addition for Baby's room.

Thank you all! I am so nervous as I type this just thinking about what a life-changing week next week could be. Smiles.... :)

Sending Hugs

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  1. :) such a cute owl. have you been in nancy's italian ice here? they have the cutest owl decor all over:) makes me think of you :)

    and... I'm in LOVE with blackmountain. I spent MANY summers there on the mountain (Blue Ridge Assembly ran by the Y) Love love love it, and all the guys posting this week about being in blackmountain made me wish I was with ya! <3 love yall!