Sunday, July 3, 2011

one strong cloud

Do you know about Cloud 9? It's the strongest cloud ever here at the Huguley home!

We are still riding high off of the referral we received a couple weeks ago. As of today, we have gotten Baby's medical files reviewed (which was GREAT...more on that later hopefully), confirmed our interest to Holt, and filled out a lengthy questionnaire. We received an email from Holt just a couple days ago saying two other families are pursuing Baby as well and they've scheduled committee for July 14.

What's committee and what does that mean for us? Holt will schedule a phone interview with all three families, take that information before a committee of some sort, and decide which family is best suited for Baby. I've been told we should find out if we are the lucky parents the same day as the committee meets. So....that means we could be parents in just 11 days. Wow!

Now I guess you can see why we're still on cloud 9, huh?

It really should go without saying, but we know other families are interested. In the coming week, we plan to read more books (just got 4 more today to read actually), continue watching videos from the International Adoption Agency, and reflecting on our questionnaire answers in preparation for our phone interview.

Pray with us that this sweet (and TOO CUTE) baby finds the perfect home for her. Pray also that we will be as prepared as possible for our interview. That's all we can do on our part; we know God has it all in His hands.

Sending Hugs


  1. ohmuhgoodness!!!!!!!

    Doesn't it all seem so real now? Thanks for keeping everyone updated. Cannot WAIT to see what God has in store for the expanding Huguley clan. He is so good and His timing is always, always perfect. I will continue to pray for you. love ya'll.

  2. So exciting! I just saw your comment on my blog. I am SO happy for you two. Please keep me posted. I can't wait for you to get your baby home to play with Zoey. I would love to chat or get together if you have any questions.

    Have a great day!

    Lauren- www.howthebushgrows.com