Thursday, July 28, 2011

home study, part 1

Life has gotten back to almost normal in the past couple weeks, so I apologize for not updating the blog.

There hasn't been too much happening except the homestudy. Our lovely social worker Kelly (who is Korean!) came by Monday night for my portion of the study. She basically took the life story I wrote and asked more in depth questions about my background, family, job, and marriage. Kevin's portion is next week, and I'm pretty sure we'll be done at that point.

So, what happens after the homestudy?
Well, nothing will really change on our part. The homestudy just makes the adoption move faster once we choose a referral. If we choose a baby before the homestudy is completed, we are on hold until it's finished. Make sense? I was anxious to get the study completed when we started this process, so I'm naturally looking forward to getting it behind us.

It hasn't been as major as I thought. The thing that is consuming our time and energy is the referral emails. We have gotten several emails with sweet babies, but none that we feel led to pursue. Well, that isn't completely true. There is one baby we might move forward with, but we still aren't sure yet. The deadline for submitting our "yes" is next week. If we decide to go forward, I'll be sure and blog all the details for you. I will say this: Her special need might be fetal alcohol syndrome so we are trying to learn as much as we can about FAS in order to prepare. I'm torn. I love the idea of going after her, though 4 other families have said yes too, but I'm scared of the potential medical risks. The last thing I want to do is make a decision like this off of my own selfishness, but I also don't want to jump into something we aren't prepared for. It's a tough line to walk. You can definitely be praying that get some clarification in the next few days.

Alrighty, well next week will be busy with updates so stay tuned!

Sending Hugs

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  1. Praying for you as you guys pray & discern through the emails/referrals/needs. Filling out the form with which special needs we could or could not accept was one of the hardest things for us too. It is so hard (on SO many levels) wading through all of the decisions, but wise friends keep reminding me that God is sovereign and ultimately the child He has planned for our family will end up with us....that child and that child only. It doesn't make every decision easier but it does bring peace in knowing His ways are higher and His plans are perfect.
    Love from the Knowles family