Sunday, August 21, 2011

back to the waiting game

Several months ago, maybe in January, I was helping my parents clean out my grandaddy's storage house and I ran across some old picture frames. I made them into chalkboard frames--one for Gia's room and one for our dining room. We are using it to write down verses to memorize.

By the time I finally got around to actually hanging it up, Kevin and I were reading through James. We were really drawn to James 3:17.

But the wisdom from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, open to reason, full of mercy and good fruits, impartial and sincere.

This was one of those verses that took a while to sink in with me. And then we began pursuing Baby #2 and James 3:17 started making sense. God also had me reading Proverbs 8-9 at that time. Wisdom, wisdom, wisdom, wisdom... When I wrote the last post and asked for pray for wisdom, I honestly didn't know why that was on my mind. God knew. He knew we would need a heavy dose of heavenly wisdom.

Ok, so how does this tie in with the adoption?

Baby #2, as I wrote about in the last post, potentially had FAS. Kevin and I were in serious study mode to learn as much as we could about her and FAS, but it just wasn't clearing anything up for us. I mean, we had the head knowledge, but our hearts were just not lining up. I know it sounds cliche, but we didn't have a peace about this baby. As much as we really wanted her, there was nothing we could do or say to force it. So, after several hours of difficult conversation we decided to turn her down. Though we are sad to let her go, I already know of a family going after her and I know how thrilled they are. Yay! It's cool to see how God has lined it all up.

Where do we go from here?

Now that our home study is complete, we move to the call list for referrals. When Holt gets new referrals in they will call us first before emailing them out to the other families. I cannot tell you how excited that makes me! It will open up many other referrals for us that we otherwise wouldn't have seen.

Please keep praying for us as we start the waiting game again. :)

Sending Hugs


  1. OOOHHH...is that family you are talking about us? Or do you know of another family that is reviewing her file as well? I am so nervous about this committee thing but if we are told no I would really like to know the family that has been blessed with such a sweet little girl. Praying for you, I know God has an amazing plans for your family!

  2. No, y'all are the only one we know of. We are excited for what is in the future for you guys!

  3. Thanks! We are so excited too! We are just waiting to hear when our phone interview will be. I cant wait to see news of your referral. It is so hard to wait on the Lord timing sometimes but He always knows best! Praying!!!

  4. Praying for you guys!