Monday, August 8, 2011

FUNdraiser and letters to Gia

This Thursday, as in just a few more days, my school is hosting a city wide "pep rally" called Meet the Panthers. My FABULOUS boss, along with my equally as great athletic director, approved me to have an adoption fundraiser table. So, the wheels began turning.
What to do?? What to do??
Then I remembered an idea a friend gave me to do a silent auction. YES!
I tossed the idea around with my sister and we thought organizing it as a raffle might bring in more money. So, my plan is to have the table set up at the rally, but I'd also like to include you guys in on this too. Because it's TOO GOOD to not share with you. Trust me!

Be sure and read all the way down so you can know how to participate in this raffle.

These are the goods...

Now, let me break down each basket for you.

This is the Dinner and a Movie basket. It comes with...
two movie tickets (Alabaster theater)
a Cracker Barrell gift card which includes two entrees, two drinks, and two desserts (apprx value $45-$50)
five Moe's entree cards (apprx value $30)
one gift card to Helena's Home Cooked Meals (apprx value $20)
and a bag of microwave popcorn, because, well, why not?

Next up is the Pamper Me basket

This includes a pedicure gift certificate, one tanning session, and flipflops!
(apprx value $$35)

And here we have the jewelry basket, which includes a beautiful pair of purple earrings and a heart necklace. (apprx value $35)

And let's not forget this very cool piece of art. (apprx value $40)

This is a super cute door hanger. (apprx value $30)

And now for the biggie. :)

Are you ready?

I'm so in love with this basket. Drum roll.....

The AUBURN basket!

This includes a signed football by Coach Chizik, a signed football by Michael Dyer, and an autographed picture of THE Cam Newton. (apprx value: priceless) :)

So, here's how it works. Anyone interested in winning a basket will pay $5 for a raffle ticket. The more tickets one purchases, the more chances for winning. Names will be drawn Thursday night after the event and winners will be called/emailed Friday. If you are interested in winning a basket, all you have to do is donate $5 (or more, if you so desire) via the PayPal link on the blog. I'll fill out a raffle ticket for you and throw it into the box for whichever basket you like. Oh, it's so fun!


Now, off to another fun thing.
Several weeks ago my dear dear friend Amber challenged me to keep a journal for Gia. I loved the idea, but I couldn't seem to get started. I mean, how do you write to someone you've never seen or met? It just seemed impossible to me. Well, I took the leap this weekend and decided to just try it.

So, I bought an owl journal (cute!) and wrote the first entry to her. It was just a "get to know your parents" journal, but it was a start.

I'm totally sold into the idea now. It's so sweet to write to her, knowing she'll have this forever and ever. I think it will be hilarious when she looks back at it in 15 years and sees how ridiculous we look. There are things called Lifebooks in the adoption world. They are basically scrapbooks with adoption memorabilia: medical stuff, info on birthparents, pictures of foster parents, pictures from home country, etc. This journal is a variation of a lifebook. It's kind of like a look from the opposite side of adoption, the parent's view. This will be a precious addition to the Lifebook I'm sure we'll be making soon.

Sending Hugs


  1. I am so MADLY in love with you, my beautiful woman. Best post to date, hands down!

  2. So sweet! I thought of you when I saw that journal for sale a few weeks ago :)