Sunday, May 6, 2012

baby bedding

I am so excited to share this new fundraising opportunity with you.  Our sweet friend Karen has an amazing sewing talent.  A talent I wish I had!  She has been so kind as to offer a great deal for anyone wanting to support our adoption.  Her message is below...

Sending Hugs

Bedding for Babies!

On my first overseas mission trip my mom’s biggest fear was that I would smuggle a baby back with me as a souvenir. (I did have a mom ask me to take her baby back with her but I did not give in). However, I did come back from that trip with a heart for adoption. Currently my husband and I care for the orphan by supporting an orphanage in South East Asia that rescues children, provides them with a loving environment, shares the gospel and provides a Christian education. We don’t know what our journey will look like with adoption but we do know we desire to come alongside those on that journey.

I’m excited to come alongside Malerie and Kevin to help bring home baby Gia. 50% of the proceeds from orders made “for Gia” will go to help bring her home.

A 3-piece set; bedding, bed skirt and blanket is $250 and you can choose your own fabrics. Below are some samples. Please email me at karenisbell@gmail.com to place an order. 

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