Friday, April 29, 2011

clearances and fundraising

Yesterday Belle had to get poked and prodded and stuck at the vet. Poor thing, but she is such a trooper! She was scheduled for her annual booster, but we had to add a couple more exams to it to get her cleared for a sister...of human kind, not canine kind. She did a great job too. I was so concerned about shielding her from the three pitbulls in the waiting room that I forgot to get my phone ready for pictures. I'm a bad mom. I promise pictures will be taken of my actual child!

Thanks to her clearance we were able to send off round 2 of paperwork yesterday. We have five more documents to turn in before being DONE with paperwork at this level. I'm sure more paperwork is to come when the homestudy is complete and we are moved to Holt, but for now we can see the light! The remaining paperwork is a beast though. Apparently we saved the more detailed stuff for last, ugh. Part of that decision is needing Kevin home to help me fill it all out. In the next week we need to write out a budget and our life story. As you know from my previous blog, I DO NOT do money/budgets so it's a must for Kevin to be home for that. So, those are the biggies left to do.

Belle isn't the only one cleared for take-off; I got an email today from Villa Hope that Kevin's background check is back and he's clean! Whew, we were worried about that. This was huge news to get because until our background checks are completed we can't move forward with the actual homestudy meetings. Now we're just waiting for mine. I wonder why it's taking so long... Kidding! We also can't move forward until we pay our first bill. We still have about $500 left on this bill to pay before we can move forward. May 28th is our scheduled yardsale and we're praying we can raise at least that. Of course, when this bill is paid, we're faced with the second (and I think final) bill which is about $1500. Oh, money.

Speaking of money and fundraising, I've been making phone calls about scheduling a 5K race. We'd like to have it in November since that is orphan awareness month. The only hindrance with the 5K is event insurance. Renting the place is doable. Paying the officials is doable. Discovering how to get event insurance does not seem doable. If we can pull this off it will be such a blessing so I'm praying God opens doors quickly.
Kevin has been working on designing a t-shirt. We haven't ordered them yet but here's a sneak peak! Let me know if you're interested. :)

Continuing our auction...
Tonight's auction is from my dear friend Angelyn. She has an Etsy shop set up for her own fundraising for her trip to Africa this summer. She's a blessing to us and has kindly donated her talents to our adoption. Please check out her shop and buy something to help her get to Africa! If you like what you see post a bid in the comments.

One last thing. Our precious friends, The Bices, are having their adoption yardsale tomorrow in Hoover. Message me for the address if you are interested. They have some GREAT stuff. Check their blog for some teasers. I will be there bright and early to make sure no one gets the stuff I want!

Sending Hugs

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  1. I'd so love to buy a tshirt. :) are you gonna have them made in kid sizes?