Monday, April 11, 2011

time with a police officer

This past week was something new for us. Yup-- time at the Helena Police Department. Though we weren't there for trouble we had caused, it still felt a little funny walking in the door. So.. We decided it would be enjoyable to snapshot our journey in getting our fingerprint cards filled out. Pictures below are for your viewing pleasure.


Sending Hugs


  1. Hi! Looks like you are just a bit farther ahead in the adoption process than us. Just wanted to say congrats on your decision to adopt and I look forward to following your journey. We get fingerprints Friday and not sure when our first meeting with our home study agency is yet! This is an exciting journey!

  2. I remember that trip... Our cops were nice and accommodating, but still felt weird walking through about 3 locked doors to get printed.

  3. Yall are completely adorable!
    Gotta love those fingerprint cards! :)