Thursday, March 24, 2011

auction time--wreaths

I was completely wrong when I labeled the previous post "the not so fun stuff." I have been giddy today with all the ideas given to me for fundraising. Some ideas will take longer to put in place than others; others can start now! So.... here we go!

Auction rules:
1. the item will stay "open" for one week
2. you can bid in the comments section of this blog or send me a message on Facebook
3. the winner(s) will be contacted...somehow :) and will pay through the PayPal link on this site
4. remember all money goes toward our adoption

Disclaimer: This is my first time doing anything like this so we will learn together. If we run into a hiccup, we shall persevere! I think it will run smoothly, though.

Now for what you really care about.

This week's auction is for the lovers of all things cute and crafty. My good friend Lindsey has agreed to amaze you with her Martha Stewartness (my words, not hers). We are auctioning WREATHS. The two highest bidders will be directed to Lindsey via email to discuss colors and materials (mesh or feathers) so that your wreath is more personalized to your liking. Here are some pictures to show off her skills.

And...let the bidding begin! It will end March 31.