Thursday, March 31, 2011

winner winner, chicken dinner

That quote makes me think of the movie 21. Have you seen it? It's fabulous. Genius even. Kind of like Beautiful Mind, except with cards and the people are actually there.

Moving on.

Tiffany and Michelle are the lovely winners of Lindsey's wreaths. I cannot wait to see pictures of those custom creations. I know Lindsey will do a great job on them. Since the frames weren't bid on, I'll keep them going for a while longer.

One person has already signed up for the photo session with Page and there are still plenty of spots let if you are interested. Go to her blog and check out the magic she can make.

This blog is not intended to be solely for fundraising, but I do appreciate the outlet it is giving me in doing just that. For me, blogging needed a purpose. Right now that purpose is to share our adoption story with whoever wants to hear it and pray with us along the way. So pray for my heart to be completely focused on God. Not what God can give me. It's funny that when you're dealing with infertility, your whole world becomes about babies. Who has one. Who doesn't. How many that person has. How you don't have one. In the midst of that, you forget that GOD is still there. Sure, you pray, but you ask for a baby. After all, he will give you the desires of your heart, right? What's wrong with praying for a baby? Well, a lot if your heart is in the wrong place. I had finally gotten to a place where I was okay (not great, but okay) with the idea of not having my own child because we were free to pursue another avenue that we were passionate about-adoption. Now that a biological baby isn't weighing on my heart and sticking to my every thought like day old gum, I'm noticing that adoption is doing that very thing. God does promise to give us the desires of our heart, sure. And babies, biological and adopted, are great biblical things. We are supposed to count children as a blessing from the Lord. However, we are not to make that an idol. Last night at bible study this very scripture was brought up and we briefly discussed how often it is misinterpreted to say that if our wants line up with the Bible we will be granted those things. What I have been learning for a long time now is that it's not enough for my wants to line up with the Bible. My wants have to be molded after my desire for God. GOD should be my want. I have to confess that isn't the case most of the time. I say it's true, and I really want it to be, but all too often I'm loving what God can give me. So pray for me as we continue down this long path that I will seek God daily and be satisfied in Him alone.

Pray for the Bice Family , too, as they adopt. In fact, I think they are having a yard sale Saturday so go and buy!

Also pray for my dear friend Angelyn, who will be serving in Africa this summer in a street kid ministry. She is also fundraising but her timline is significanly shorter than mine. Talk about stress! She is super talented and has created an Etsy shop where you can see all the talent God has given her. I love hearing her describe how she started painting because she had never ever painted before until this fundraiser and God seriously just gave the talent to her. See for yourself. It's amazing. Buy something for you. And then buy something for a friend.

We have an update!!
Villa Hope called today to schedule our first home study meeting for next week. Yay!
I would like to take this time to tell you how amazing our God is. Kevin's been recording for what seems like 17 years now. In reality it's only been about 8 weeks, but who's counting? Well, the band was scheduled to stay in the studio for another week or so to finish up. Recently Kevin got word that next week they would be coming home because their engineer would not be available to work. Good for me, bad for recording. Needless to say, Kevin was bummed to pause the recording because it means they will have to go back at the end of April to finish. Fast forward to this morning. Villa Hope wants to schedule our first meeting with both me and Kevin next week. Guess who will be in town next week? Yup, one Kevin Huguley. Now if we had had our way, that man would be in the studio finishing up some cool tunes, but God had greater plans. For that, I am so grateful! Praise HIM!

Sending Hugs


  1. I will be praying for you as you prepare your heart and home for your first home study. You and Kevin are the first couple I have walked with from the very beginning of the adoption journey. Both of you are so very special to me. I am blessed you are a part of my life.

  2. We love you guys so dearly and are praying for you as you go through this process! Love-The Fridays

  3. Prayin for you guys through this journey. Every step's a little different but God knows you both - He's the one that wired you. Seek His affection and approval. You'll find that His joy is found in the journey even more than in the outcome.

    We love your hearts for Him and cherish your friendship. We're here to support and cheer all the way.

  4. OH my I will try to remember to check in more often...I missed out on some auctions and Page is doing photography? Where have I been? :)
    time to catch up....
    and yay for your first home study meeting! We used Villa Hope for our home study in 2008 and loved them!

  5. Thank you for all the encouraging words. We covet every single prayer. Love you all!