Monday, March 21, 2011

don't worry, be happy

Today was a work day at school (that means no students). As I was sitting at my desk I saw my phone ring, and it was an Oregon number. Our agency, Holt, is based in Oregon so I knew it was some kind of news about the adoption. When I finally got around to checking the message, I learned that Holt sent us a very important email...yay! Basically we now have all the inside access to Holt's site, including the waiting children. I learned that we actually do not have to have our home study complete to be matched with a sweet little one. Wow, such a blessing! We are still pressing through with the home study, obviously, but now we can pursue a child at the same time. I cannot wait to start looking at some files!

Thank you for all the sweet emails, texts, phone calls, and Facebook messages regarding our adoption journey. It really means a lot to us knowing that we have a lot of support. Love you all!

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  1. continually praying for you guys on this journey. we love yall!