Wednesday, March 23, 2011

the not so fun part

5K races, snack stands, selling goodies at work, walking door to door, designing t-shirts, wishing Belle could talk....
These are all ideas that have been swirling in my brain for the last week about how to raise the funds we need. I realized that I'm jumping the gun, go figure, on the timing, but I say it's better to start early with a task this big. With that said, I have been given this idea from a couple of friends so I'm trying it out. If it works, great; if not, we'll try something else.

Ready for it?? Ok!

There are two people (so far) that have agreed to use their creative juices for the glory of God with our adoption. These lovely women are incredibly talented. Far more so than I can ever aspire to be! They will be donating an item (or items) to me to post here on the blog for y'all to bid on. That's right, it's our own Ebay! I'll post the item, along with the designer and how you can contact the designer if you desire more cute stuff from her, and you will bid for the item in the comment section of the post. The highest bid wins. Once you submit your payment via the PayPal link, I'll mail you the item. Easy, right? You are really going to love this stuff.

On a related note, if you are super talented, or not, and want to donate your gifts to our cause, please let me know and I'll gladly add your piece to our little auction. The more, the merrier!

Sending Hugs to Korea


  1. YAY! This will be so much fun! :) Wish I wasn't in Thailand and could send you something (painting, photograph from overseas, etc). You'll have to let me know if you do another one when we're back in the US! :)

  2. I think this is GREAT!! Make sure to publish to fb so we can share :)

    LOVE YALL! REALLY EXCITED to see this great news!

  3. I would be happy to do a "Photo Fundraiser" - we could do a $100 sitting fee with pictures and rights included and y'all could put $75 of each person to adoption... Just a thought! Let me know if you are interested! I love when people adopt! We are cheering for you!!

  4. ok so i have a question....I make some crafty stuff (wreaths, banners, picture frames, etc) that I can personalize for people...could i send you pictures of them for people to bid on they could tell me colors and such and then I'll make and send to them??? Let me know!